How much data do we create each day?

More than 4 billion global Internet users, of which 2.3 just on Facebook, for a total of 75 thousand Google searches every second: and the numbers have just begun to grow.

The Internet never stops growing; an endless process destined to expand day by day, minute by minute, at a speed and power never seen before in the history of mankind.

An infrastructure so vast that it now permeates every field in industrialized societies, from the operation of huge conglomerates to the purchase of new batteries. And the result is a number of data outputs with almost as many zeros as the number of states in the European Union.

But it’s actually less, because the states are 28 and the zeros 30.

There are 2.5 quintiles Gigabytes of information that are created every day from nothing, through any form of file, from private, to society to a state.

And according to the research of, from 2020 there will be a production per person of 1.7 Megabytes per second, poured into the immense ocean of the network.

Moreover, these present data are not yet subject to the future massive implementation of the IoT (Internet of Things), where the number of devices connected to the network will explode, driven by mutual interaction thanks to the force of 5G. All of this is followed by a riot of data, ready to break records every new day.

If all this is still not enough, an article was published in 2013, following a study, stating that 90% of all bytes present at the time were created in the past two years, namely 2011 and 2012. All this in 2013.

What will happen with 5G, IoT, artificial intelligence, automation and exponential growth? At the moment, everything is still to be discovered.

For now, let’s go and discover some of the many interesting facts about this vast digital world, giving the feeling of being able to burst at any moment.

The universe behind a screen

How many Google searches are done every second? And how many posts do you share on Instagram? How many orders does Amazon receive in one minute?

For each question, we have a number to show that will exceed most expectations.


  • currently there are 4.35 billion Internet users in the world, with an impressive growth in one year, considering that at the end of 2017 there were 3.7 (Internet World Stats);
  • Google processes more than 3 billion searches every day on average, with almost 75,000 every second (Internet Live Stats);
  • The e-mails sent reach 3 million per second, of which the enormous 67% is all spam;
  • China is the country with the most Internet users globally, with a frightening figure of 830 million people: 58% of the entire state;


  • Worldwide Facebook users active daily at the end of 2018 were 1.5 billion, with a total of 2.3 billion active monthly: almost 1/3 of the entire global population (Statist).
  • Still under the blue giant, in the middle of 2018 Instagram had 1 billion users, certainly grown to date, of which 120 million only in the United States (Statist)
  • Also in 2018, for every minute spent, almost 50,000 Instagram posts were shared, 473,000 tweets were sent on Twitter and 1.8 million snaps were created on Snapchat.

  • YouTube is the most successful and trendiest video platform currently for the entire video equipment, with 4.3 million generic length videos watched per minute;
  • In 2017 an average of 1.2 trillion photographs taken along the year were calculated, of which 85% by smartphones and only 10% by cameras; and the numbers are growing, knowing that just in 2013 the figure was 660 billion (Milyo).
  • The Spotify music platform is also one of the big numbers, with 750,000 songs listened to per minute;
  • On the side of streaming movies and TV series, Netflix touches the 100 thousand hours of content viewed by users, always per minute!


  • The entire e-commerce market is estimated to sell for $3.45 trillion along 2019
  • 95% of Americans shop online at least once a year;
  • Seattle’s e-commerce giant has a product shipping rate that makes any business pale, with more than 1000 parcels shipped globally per minute.
  • Always talking about Amazon, it controls 49% of all online sales in the U.S., while 5% of any retail sale across the country;
  • There are 1389 Uber races that users require every minute;
  • And every minute, Spotify adds 13 new songs to its music catalogue;

Here is an infographic taken from about the production of data per minute in 2018, some already said and others not

Consequences of the fact

As has always been taught, everything in life leads to consequences. And when you are faced with a scenario like that of the Internet in which we are now immersed, it is inevitable that these are as large as the data.

The amount of electricity used to make this huge ecosystem work is frightening, with almost 4 million MWh per day.

And this obviously leads to a massive production of CO2, with about 3 million tons produced in a single day.

The Internet certainly does not seem intent on stopping, nor on reducing the pace; on the contrary, day after day we are witnessing a constant growth of any data. By the time this article is written, the numbers will probably have already increased.

This trend, although colossal, seems to be just beginning: the revolution is fixed in the future, but not too far away.

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